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spa Awards 2018

Amatara Wellness Resort

Amatara, Thailand's premium destination spa, provides you with everlasting moments and an experience like no other. Located at the majestic Cape Panwa, Amatara offers guests Asia's best coastal view in Phuket. Surround yourself with the calming tranquility of Andaman's blue seas and endless skies with the 180 degree sea view available only at Amatara.
The Amatara experience is one of total wellness. Seek comfort at Phuket's luxurious wellness sanctuary and indulge in our holistic wellness programs which promote good health and well-being. Amatara offers an all-inclusive program inclusive of accommodation, organic and nutritional food, along with personalized wellness and leisure activities. Our integrative, quality services help you achieve that perfect balance for the body, mind and soul.

Awards this Property has won:

Editors choice

Situated at the magnificent Cape Panwa Hotel in Phuket, Thailand, is the Amatara Spa. This hotel spa is the ideal break away from the busy city life to rewind in a beautiful scenic atmosphere. They feature several traditional Thai treatments in a luxurious, modern setting with Asian influences. We highly recommend that you try the Miracle of Amatara retreat. This retreat allows you to experience the whole wellness cycle that ables you to choose the spa treatments, physiotherapy, fitness and leisure activities that will best benefit you during your stay. Their experienced and dedicated spa therapists are always ready to recommend you a personalised program best suited to enhance your health and well-being. Some of the facilities that guests can enjoy at this spa is their state of the art fitness centre that includes top quality machines like treadmills and kinetics machines to help improve your wellbeing and health. A highlight is that you can enjoy a splendid Phuket sea view from the fitness centre. For a more holistic approach to health and wellness, sample Amatara's delectable and nutritious spa cuisine. Our talented chefs serve you unique, healthy dishes with their signature flair, using only the finest ingredients to further enhance your spa experience. The Amatara Spa has been recently recognised for outstanding service excellence from the World Luxury Spa Awards