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spa Awards 2018

Dii Wellness Med Spa

Dii Wellness Med Spa, Divana’s flagship medical spa at the up-market complex Central Embassy, is designed to make you look and feel younger through a range of cutting-edge medical and aesthetic treatments. The imagination runs wild upon stepping into Dii (Divana, Integration, Innovation). If the gravity could be switched off, then it feels pretty much like outer space, where the infinity of time and space begins. That’s only part of the thrill of an otherworldly spa experience there. With its team of doctors, beauty gurus and spa therapists, Dii leverages the twin forces from opposite poles in nature and life to create short cuts to health and youthfulness: relaxation and cure, nature and technology, traditional and modern and mind and body. A time spent at Dii could start you on a journey of self-discovery that brings you closer to the beauty of the DNA and the secrets of wellness that are nowhere to be found other than ‘within you’.

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