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spa Awards 2019

Ikeda Spa Prestige

Launched in May 2013, Ikeda Spa Prestige is a spa trek to the most intimate Japanese ryokans (traditional inns that originated in the Edo period) – every detail teleports the escape artist from the watering holes of Clarke Quay to the quiet sanctuaries of Kyoto.
Step inside warm tatami rooms, luxuriate in steaming onsen baths, robe up with intricate yukatas and find a quiet moment to observe the soft lapping waters of the Singapore River. This new spa offers 3,000 square feet of Japanese culture and tradition for the purist, with three treatment rooms and two VIP suites named and inspired by the seasons, and decorated with a kakejiku (Japanese scroll painting) of stark beauty.
Like all good Japanese inventions, Ikeda’s treatments borrow from some of Japan’s oldest healing traditions and most futuristic technological advances. The new Zen Candle Therapy use breakthrough candles that can melt into warm healing oils for aromatherapy benefits and intense rejuvenation, and the spa’s signature Organic Geisha Facial features Japanese nightingale droppings as a key brightening balm. Each session at Ikeda is a sensorial and inner odyssey toward balance.

Country: Singapore