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spa Awards 2018

Iridium Spa

The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort invites guests on a transformative journey at the region’s first Iridium Spa. Offering divine treatments in a transcendental environment, discover one of the most exclusive spas in Abu Dhabi.
Iridium Spa features a range of specialized treatments and has 12 bespoke spa suites across 3,500 square metres making the spa it the largest spa in Abu Dhabi. Iridium Spa tailors each moment to be as precious as the metal for which it is named.
It is about the individual moments that are tailored to each guest – guiding them through a spectrum of moods – whether they wish to be energized, simply wind down or tailor their own experience. Dedicated attention and personal time is what makes Iridium Spa unique.
Rare and refined, divine relaxation waits at the Iridium Spa.

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