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spa Awards 2018

i.sawan residential spa and club

Embracing its mythical definition as the "fifth level of heaven," i.sawan offers a rejuvenating retreat from the rigours of daily urban living. Nestled in the garden of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, the Residential Spa & Club offers guests an extraordinary and refreshing array of features which include pampering, fitness, cuisine, accommodation and relaxation. i.sawan is a virtual "garden in the sky" draped in the beauty and quiet of its exquisite and thoughtful design.

As a special indulgence, guests can find luxurious, overnight accommodations in one of our six spa cottages - a tranquil escape for those seeking a longer respite from the high paced energy of modern living. Set in exquisite style and incorporating details dedicated to your every comfort, these unique and innovative residences will act as your very own sanctuary the entire time of your visit. Whether you choose to stay for a few hours or a few days, you will be greeted with an amazing menu of treatments designed specifically for a relaxing, refreshing and luxurious sense of renewal.

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