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Lakeside Spa

Lakeside Spa is located at the 5 star Hotel, Lakeside Lodge & Spa in Sedgefield, South Africa. The spa is situated in the Wilderness National Park and boasts with sweeping views of the Swartvlei Lake.
The spa uses the African skincare range Kalahari who only use naturally harvested botanical ingredients in their products. Superior plant oils and phyto-effective
extracts are compounded into quality skincare solutions that restore and nourish you skin. Guests feel indulged and cared for with splendid luxury, passionate service, generous hospitality and exquisite cuisine. The Spa offers the ideal escape where harmony and tranquillity gently restore body, mind and soul. They are dedicated to restoring beauty and balance through individual treatments and spa journeys, personalised for each of their guests by exceptionally skilled therapists. Their commitment to well-being focuses on holistic principles, combining ancient wisdom and modern expertise.