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spa Awards 2018

MiraSpa at The Mira Hong Kong

MiraSpa is an award-winning 21st century metropolitan spa combining contemporary, Western design, with stylish, warming touches that deliver a sense of wellbeing and subtle stimulation. The 18,000-square-foot retreat comprises of a spa zone, wellness, and beauty facilities featuring a stunning, 25-metre indoor infinity pool and jacuzzi, immediately immersing guests in an environment of absolute tranquility and pampering that includes a wet zone with sauna, steam, whirlpool, experience showers, waterbed lounge and nine spacious treatment rooms: seven Spa Suites with private washroom and shower, and two VIP Spa Suites with private sunken whirlpool bath, relaxation area, steam shower and vanity area for the ultimate exclusive spa experience. The oval-shaped Aura Room with soothing coloured light feature induces restful sleep.

Awards this Property has won:

Editors choice

The sophisticated MiraSpa in Hong Kong is a spa out of this world! The spa offers a variety of exciting treatments which will most certainly leave you feeling relaxed and your skin feeling rejuvenated. The spa has two VIP treatment rooms, which is a must. Two people have the luxury to be treated in one of these VIP treatments rooms. The suite features LED lighting which can be adjusted to your mood, day beds as well as a hydro pool. One of the aims of the spa is to make an individual’s health and fitness a goal to enjoy. Further to the VIP suite the spa also has a wet zone, aura room and treatments rooms, making the 18 000 square feet a definite retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The waterbeds are another favourite, which ensures the ultimate relaxation for visitors. The therapists at the spa are professional and knowledgeable to the extent that they also try to help their clients with some skincare advice that they can also practise at home. This spa is a must visit when in Hong Kong for business or pleasure.