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spa Awards 2018

NINE Degrees Spa at Fairmont Ajman

NINE Degrees Spa is housed in the luxurious five star resort The Fairmont Ajman. The 1,000sqm Spa has been designed to reflect an enchanting journey that travels throughout several Middle Eastern countries and regions, absorbing culture, traditional methods and healing remedies along the way.

A wonderful collection of ancient health and beauty practices that have been passed down from generation to generation have been carefully selected and uniquely combined with modern technologies to develop a rare collection of signature treatments, unique rituals and wellness concepts. As guests embark on a NINE Degrees Spa Journey they will transcend into a remarkable peaceful space that has become the NINE Degrees trademark. Attention to detail is paramount in each thought provoking modern designed spa. Engaging staff offering cultural hospitality and unsurpassed service standards ensures their spa visit evokes wonderful experiences and special memories with each journey.
NINE Degrees Spa at the Fairmont Ajman boasts one of the largest retail spa spaces in the region with dedicated to showcasing and offering items collected throughout the Middle East as well as locally sourced items including up and coming designers/brands. The most highly anticipated feature of NINE Degrees Spa at the Fairmont Ajman by NINE Degrees is the Hammam which has been carefully designed to soak in the Arabian Gulf views. The Hamman, along with the tepidarium area, offers customers the opportunity to experience the best of bathing including unique individual and group treatments as well as the signature Sunset Hammam treatment.

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