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Samadhi Retreat

Samadhi offers that magical combination of sense of place and exclusivity of accommodation, together with a healthy dose of ambiance, style and one-on-one service. But most prized of all are the healing and rejuvenation outcomes of the retreat experience itself.
This is where Samadhi stands apart. Samadhi’s owners and hosts, Annah and Wayne Mirananda, have dedicated most of their adult life to health and wellbeing and the study and mastery of the healing arts.
Samadhi is founded on the belief that the role of a retreat is to re-equip its guests for life, so that one returns to the everyday world with new perspectives, increased vigour, new tools and a renewed determination to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. The aim is for the Samadhi experience to continue delivering long after guests have returned home.
Since 2003 when Samadhi first opened its doors, the retreat has embraced an integrated approach to wellness, inclusive of mind, body and spirit. Their commitment to health and healing is seen in the broad spectrum of healing modalities on offer.
In order for them to tailor a program for each individual, they can select from treatments using diet and nutrition, reiki, polarity healing, sound healing, colour therapy, crystal and polarized light therapy, meditation, spiritual healing, beauty therapy, massage therapy, narrative therapy, loss and bereavement counselling, health counselling, life coaching, remedial body therapies, guided imagery, dream therapy and guided visualisation. The aim for each guest is to achieve a personal health and healing breakthrough with a take-home form: a life affirming, rejuvenative and genuinely transformative outcome.

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