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Fah Lanna Spa

We are children of the North, the former kingdom of Lanna. We appreciate our arts and culture and we love nature: our rice paddies and the mountains. We enjoy seeing people happy, their faces adorned with beautiful smiles. All this contributed to something that we built with love. It is called Fah Lanna Spa.

Fah Lanna Spa is the multi award-winning day spa located in the heart of the historical old city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. With 25 treatment rooms, it is one of the largest day spas in the city. The design of the spa as well as all the treatments are inspired by nature and traditional Northern Thai Lanna history and culture. Local wisdom and traditional Thai medical and herbal healing methods are implemented and kept alive. Each of the private treatment room is individually designed and decorated with items according to the place it is named after. All rooms and spa villas are situated in separate traditional buildings around lush tropical gardens with bridges leading across fishponds and a water wheel. The spa also has a Café & Restaurant on its grounds, offering a variety of international and Thai cuisine in this beautifully landscaped setting. It invites to stay and relax after the luxurious spa treatments. A shop offers spa products as well as locally sourced arts and crafts. Fah Lanna Spa practices sustainability, sourcing products locally and supporting local craftsmen and suppliers. A number of initiatives ensure the protection of the environment and the spa prides itself in being a socially responsible enterprise.