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spa Awards 2019

Heathers Spa

I've been at the Sabi River Sun Resort since 2010, started off in a small conference room and then expanded to a bigger outdoor area and now our new Luxury Spa that I have waited for, for 7 years is going to be built next year, such exciting times ahead and a big dream of mine that I have prayed and trusted God for is coming true, our new Spa we have just opened is situated at the "Little Pilgrims Boutique Hotel" in Hazyview, it is a tourist destination and I believe with our service and dedication we are going to have one amazing Spa, I am so passionate about this Industry, being a ex Beauty Queen and a Semi-Finalist in Miss SA and a Make-up Artist I love to take Beauty to the next level and to help woman feel more positive & confident about themselves and of course to treat the men with the best massage ever, I dedicate my life & passion to my two Spas and all my clients.