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spa Awards 2019

Mandalay Spa at DOLCE Camporeal Lisboa

The Mandalay Spa located at the Dolce Camporeal Lisboa, it´s a spa retreat surrounded by beautiful countryside views, that are perfect to unwind and meditate. This wellness sanctuary is devoted to ancient healing traditions, performed by well-trained therapist that will take you on a journey to the Southeastern Asia.
The perfect place for relaxation, the Mandalay Spa takes it´s name from the last royal capital of Burma, founded in 1847 by King Mindon as a centre of Buddhism learning. Inspired by traditions that date back centuries, the philosophy of the spa is inherently rooted in southeastern asia healing wisdoms. Featuring 8 treatment rooms, relaxations lounges, steam bath, panoramic view sauna, experience showers, hidrotherapy pool, indoor heated pool and gym. This luxurourious spa offers exclusive rituals using products from the ayurveda-inspired brand SUNDÃRI, Thai inspired brand YTSARA, and bespoke facials from british skincare brand Linda

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