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spa Awards 2020

Melati Spa at Melati Beach Resort and Spa

Indulge in your senses.
Melati Beach Resort & Spa (5*) offers unrivalled hotel luxury whist celebrating contemporary design and architectural references to Thai Southern Styles with elements of chicness and panache enabling an unrivalled pampering of guests at every level.

A 5 star pool villa resort with the private swimming pools in 41 out of 77 villas and suites is totally considered blend of contemporary Thai buildings in a tropical landscape. It being with the Spa at the resort entrance and continue vie the open lobby through the cascade of the guest rooms sloping down to the beachside pool and restaurants.

The award-winning Melati Spa offers health spa treatments including their signature Jasmine Dream, which incorporates a cleansing herbal steam. The Timeless Journey Treatment is a treatment using indigenous coconut with up-to-date health and wellness techniques.