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spa Awards 2019

naked Leaf at naked Castle

Discover your own path to peace, serenity and complete health at naked Leaf Spa, naked Castle. A walk through the misty mountains of Moganshan refreshes your senses. The sea of green bamboo waves in the wind and fresh water runs through the streams. The noise of the city drops away. As the clouds lift, the backdrop shifts, and you find yourself renewed.
naked Leaf Spa includes modern facilities such an indoor pool with an amazing view, yoga, outdoor sports and relaxation lounge. With 11-luxury treatment suites and foot massage stations, your path to rejuvenation begins there.
They combine the purity of the streams, the power of fresh fruits and flowers and ancient traditions of Chinese medicine to infuse their aroma therapeutic treatments with the healing properties of nature.
Everything you see and need is chosen for you to relax!

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