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spa Awards 2020

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Bali

In Bali, the sea is revered for its transformative powers, as a powerful source of energy, healing and rejuvenation. Inspired by this tradition, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Bali, harnesses the power of the ocean to create a blissful sanctuary dedicated to renewal and relaxation. Drawing from time-honored Balinese rituals, the spa’s signature treatments use two of the Indian Ocean’s most nourishing, life-giving natural products: seaweed and pearl, to restore your vitality, stimulate your senses and leave you glowing with inner and outer health.

Iridescent Delight is a lavish pearl-based treatment inspired by traditional beauty regimes from the royal houses of Asia. Extracts from this precious ocean treasure will restore your natural radiance, leaving you with skin that is smooth, shimmering and luminous.

Tropical Marine Pleasure harnesses the healing power of seaweed to deeply nourish and hydrate tired skin. A refreshing Seaweed Body Scrub gently exfoliates the skin in preparation for a detoxifying and nutrient-rich Seaweed Body Wrap. Rich in vitamins and minerals, seaweed is prized for its replenishing properties.

Immerse yourself at The Ritz-Carlton, Spa Bali and feel the power of the Indian Ocean.

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