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spa Awards 2020

Tarcin Spa

Tarçın Spa is situated in Ramada Resort Kazdağları Thermal & Spa and is the first thermal & spa for Ramada World Wide. The Spa is on the outskirts of Ida Mountains, the mountains are renowned for the high oxygen content in the air, which all guests can take in whilst visiting the spa. It consists of a spacious thermal in door mineral spring pool with a garden view, 2 Turkish Baths with a rubbing skin room, sauna overlooking the Ida mountain, vichy shower, salt room, steam bath, snow fountain, adventure showers, fitness room with view, 4 massage rooms with mountain view, chill out garden, relax room and VIP Spa. The VIP Spa is 90m2 that includes a jacuzzi with mineral spring water, sauna, massage beds and a large balcony.

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