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spa Awards 2019

VIE Spa at VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery by Sofitel

Step into a space where tranquility pervades. A Bangkok Spa where the boundaries of East and West blend the harmony. Luxury surrounds you, time stands still, and a sense of deep relaxation washes over. In the city which has everything, there is also a place for this much-needed time for yourself. You will find it at VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery by Sofitel, which really could not be located in a more convenient place for those who are looking for some time to bliss out a bit in comfort at VIE Spa. The hotel is a few steps from the BTS Skytrain Rachathewi station, which means you can find it easily from just about anywhere in the city. With the interior decorated in rich silk, posh furniture and exotic colors, the main building of the hotel is set back from the street, away from the traffic and the noise. And there, on the 10th floor, is where you will find VIE Spa, your waiting haven, it is true that VIE Spa offers a marvelous range of body treatments and therapies, which are each one inspired by the ancient Asian traditions and philosophies of health. Tailored massages and facials, bathing and beauty rituals—all of these will enable you to experience new levels of physical and emotional well-being. Just remember, VIE Spa was purposefully created for relaxation and indulgence. Perfectly complementing the modern lifestyle, VIE Spa is a sanctuary carefully designed to ease you into the perfect condition of body, mind and soul.

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